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Nothing Like a Good Ol’ Fashioned Top Notch Search Engine Ranking

Google rankings

Do you know around how many internet users pay no attention to the sponsored links that Google provides? Somewhere around 80 percent. But that does not mean that search engines do not matter. Online marketing is essential and 92 percent of adults who go online in the United States make one search online every year. Around 100 billion searches are made every single month and over 88 percent of US users from age 14 and up will browse and research products online in 2012. It is something in the order of 65 percent of mobile Internet users who rely on their smartphones in order to find a local business.

Google rankings, also known as search engine rankings, can greatly improve the presence of a business online. Many people do not realize how much search engine rankings matter, but they can get a sense of their influence by paying attention to their own search engine habits. The reason why search engine rankings are so important is because people rarely go to the second page whenever they search the internet.

Most people will just click on the first search that is generated organically. If it is the company’s name that they are searching for, this might not matter. But search engine rankings are more important once one gets down to the kind of services that the company provides. For instance, if you are a carpentry business, you are going to want to have a search engine ranking that will move you up toward the top of listing. And it is for this reason that these varieties of search engine rankings are so important.

They will probably continue to have a large influence on the ways that people search the internet for the foreseeable future and it is for this reason that search engine rankings matter so much. They are not the only type of marketing that matters, but they are probably the most underrated. Nothing can improve the quality of a business like having good search engine rankings can.

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